About me... or more precisely, us.

People watching. We all do it and we secretly (sometimes outright) enjoy it. That's where it starts... Watching the silly faces kids make at each other or that 'what the hell did I just say?!' look on their face after they realize what they said makes no sense. Watching adults enjoy a quiet spot on a beach while they stare into the ocean or sunset. Watching those who've seen and been through 50 years of hell together, yet still manage to hold each other's hand and lock eyes in a quick moment.

Photography has always been with me. As kids, my sister and I would walk to the grocery store and get 110 or 35mm file and load up our toy cameras. We'd take pictures of anything; we had no idea what we were doing, but we were having fun doing it. We found our dad's old SLR style film camera one day, while, rummaging through a cabinet and thought that thing was amazing. More toy cameras and even video cameras (PXL2000!!!) followed thoughout life, but at a point in middle school, music started to take over for me and that became a very steady creative outlet.

In 2010, I asked a friend, Ken, if he'd lend out his equipment to one of my friends who was toying with the idea of picking up photography as a new hobby. Her family had always been exposed to it, so she wanted to give it a shot. While Ken did hand over his camera and lens without hesitation, it was actually me who got the most use out of it.

Flash forward to the present and well, you guessed it. Without Ken, I would not have the interest I now have for this great creative outlet. I thank you, sir and I'll never forget it.