Mike Lamberti

New Beginnings

Mike Lamberti

This wouldn't necessarily be the first time I'm creating a website, but the first time I'm creating one with some actual purpose.

This adventure began with my creative self, screaming inside to stop sitting around and do something. I would make images of friends and their kids or whatever I found to spark some creativity. After a while, it bloomed into my girlfriend and our friend randomly taking pictures of anything standing still while I continued working on this craft. They both began to express interest in the more technical aspects of a DSLR and photography and in time, learned much more than just that; they're now part of this business.

There's a bit of work to do to grow any business, but all that matters is that we keep positively moving ahead

So... Please bear with me while I get this place sorted out. A 9-5 keeps me limited to the time I'm yet able to spend curating photos to place here.